Design Proposal for Diesel Kids

trend report S/S 2011


Stripes, Amazon flora and fauna, Elements of dreams, Fantasy land


Elements of dreams and a fantasy land, far from the restrictions of society, escape from reality.
Brought forward from 2010 androgynous and nautical look.
Are back mix and match denim, striped.


Style and comfort all in one piece.
Minimalistic look.
On one hand we have the asymmetrical look but on the other, mathematical symmetry and simple geometric shapes are also apparent. The basic shapes are being dramatised by blending shiny and matt fabrics to give a sense luxury.
Metallic and multi-filament yarns.
Men’s tailoring elements in women’s tailoring.


Aqua colours have a big influence on fabric colours with all shades of turquoise, blue with hints of silver and white.
With the new attitude of “save the planet”, designers are taking inspiration from the Amazon rainforest which brings forth a whole spectrum of colours.
The Heritage trend holds the widest range of colours from deep reds to mustard and from navy to nudes.


The most popular materials will be a blend of cotton and viscose for practicality, wools and denim.
A general vibe of “floating” is brought to garments with fabrics like chiffon, silk and buttery satins.


In general are influenced by the beauty of flora and fauna and linings and subtle details will be adorned with bright floral patterns.
A variety of abstract prints, leather, patterned crochet, deep coloured dyes, dirtied fabric, battered denim, patchwork and tassel details are widely seen.

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